Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So, where were we?

 As you may have noticed, the Cap'n has been a bit more MIA in the Blogorium than I've been, well, ever. My routine of posting something every day whittled down to five days a week and then three days a week and then around the new year, to almost not at all. Part of that was that I was cramming in movies for the year end recap, part of it was that I just didn't prioritize correctly.

 Sure, some of it was work and when I had two jobs and was working every day it was hard to keep up the self-imposed schedule I had operated under since the Blogoium was on MySpace (I feel comfortable mentioning this since they relaunched and erased all the old profiles and that Cap'n Howdy's Blogorium no longer exists). But I found a way to write between movies at The Galaxy (also being demolished, which I hate, but there's nothing any of us could do about that so I'll honor it by name) and could even continue the Adventures in Projectioneering series while that lasted.

 Anyway, the Cap'n hasn't stopped watching movies, but as I feared, the longer I went without writing regularly, the harder it was to make myself sit down and do it again, even when I wanted to. Covering Nevermore was a good chance to dip my toes in, but then I let two weeks go by without reviewing any of the six or seven movies I saw after the festival was over (one of them, Heather Langenkamp's I Am Nancy, is a great companion piece to Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy and you should see it out).

 But this isn't about navel-gazing and making excuses. Nope, I found a gimmick to get the Cap'n back in the swing of things, and it's either going to re-invigorate the Blogorium for the next two months or kill me in the process.

 I call it The ABCs of Movie Masochism. It's borrowed, in concept, from the anthology film The ABCs of Death and in practice from a friend of mine who is doing something very similar to cleanse his palette from two months of cramming 2012 movies into his brain. I've selected 26 movies, each corresponding with a letter of the alphabet, and I'm going to watch all of them and review them on the Blogorium, by the end of April if that's possible.

 For the record, because friends of mine have already been confused about this, I don't mean to imply that I'm watching 26 terrible movies to punish myself and others. Yes, there are some schlock picks in the list, but the "masochism" comes from undertaking this task in a short a period as I can humanly accomplish it.

 It's absurdly ambitious for the Cap'n, considering that I work an 8-5 job during the week, but what the hell? I want to do it, and I want you to join in on the experience of it. Either in person or vicariously - if I know you, you're welcome to join me for double features every Saturday night until I'm done.

 One thing I can promise is that if you come to the Saturday screenings, you'll see two movies that you never in a million years would think of putting together. I'm not going to reveal the titles of all twenty six films yet, because it'll be more fun for you to find out the day that the review goes up, but each one is either a movie I've never seen or one I've never reviewed here before. Many of them are connected in unusual ways, even if you really have to bend over backwards mentally to figure out how.

 So stay tuned, readers, because I'm just going to put them up as I go along. I may tell you what the next one is at the end of each review, I may not, but know that every film is a hint towards something coming in the next two months. And to prove that I'm sticking to this one, the first review will be up tomorrow, and the next one the day after.

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