Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Running Your Business with the Video Daily Double!

 Greetings, young Entrepreneers! Cap'n Howdy is back with another learn-tastic edition of the Video Daily Double. Today I'm going to continue pushing forward in your brainwashing and help you learn how to manage your money and your future business in the best way possible. There's no time to think about the future than the present, and in the current economic mess we're in, it's a safe bet no jobs will be waiting for you once you're old enough to be shoved nudged out of the nest and forced encouraged to do it yourself. Let's assume you're smart enough from watching all of these amazing films to start your own business. What then, Cap'n?

 A fair question, so I bring the answers in the form of films of yesteryear!


 Our first film, Using the Bank, should give you some idea what to do with your money once you start raking it in. I know it's tempting to put under the bed in order to bribe gremlins who would otherwise eat your flesh, but even a gremlin respects the power of a crooked bank owner!

 Our second film, Bookkeeping & You, is designed to help you create convoluted charts of such cunning that no accountant or IRS Audit agent can possibly discern how much you've swindled Uncle Sam or, worse still, the U.S. Government.

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