Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Very Prescient Video Daily Double!

 Willkommen, meine lieber Educationeers! It is I, Cap'n Howdy, your international man of teachery! Today's Video Daily Double is a look back as we look forward. The magical world we know as the Internets is helping to literally shrink Earth to a more manageable size, so that we can more easily partake of ridiculous videos from the FUTURE (true fact: people who live so far to the west of the west coast that they become the FAR EAST live in the future every day!) without needing Time Travel Goggles outlawed for their propensity to cause eye-bleeding. Little did we know that the soothsayers of the FUTURE traveled even further into the PAST and have now implanted into the lexicon of "short educational films" a roadmap of the Internets before the Telegramaphone had finished activating Skynet and wiping out pre-computer technology.



 Our first film, Our Shrinking World, predicts the literally collapse of Earth into a smaller sphere of connectiveness, based solely on the dominance of American short educational film makers over their eventual Chinese overlords.

 Our second film, Introduction to Foreign Trade, explains how the world will begin to shrink as we negotiate with our eventual overlords. Amazing!

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