Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's the Opposite of Safe for Today's Video Daily Double!

 Guten Tag, Educationeers! That's German for "you'd better learn your lessons or be prepared to serve your European Union Overlords." We all like to be free, right? Well, today's Video Daily Double probably won't do anything to save you from when the dollar collapses and we return to being a colonial state of a consortium of foreign interests, but I can teach you some other important lessons in the mean time. Let's open up the vaults and explore the wonderful world of vintage education films, shall we?



Our first film, Turnabout Man, is about learning to be courteous to others, but instead of some boring narrator or a magical wizard (or spring), it was all a dream. A wonderful, impossible dream...

Our second film, The Stranger, should settle down any jubilant feelings after our last film. Sure, it's nice to see somebody learning how to change his attitude, but never forget he might try to kidnap you! Beware!

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