Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Some Sage Advice for a Video Daily Double

 Good day to you all, Educationeers! Cap'n Howdy back with a summer-tastic edition of the Video Daily Double. During the next few months, in addition to our normal educational lessons from days of yore, I'll be including shorts about fun tips for summer time activities. We wouldn't want you at home glued to your GameStation X20 now, would we? And they said I wasn't hip to the lingo...



 Our first film, Better Use for Leisure Time, should give you some ideas of things to do other than be a couch potato. Didn't anyone ever tell you that people fry up couch potatoes and eat them up? Why, I bet you'd be delicious fried and served with a cold beverage...

 Our second film, You Can Tell By the Teller, is for those of you looking for a good summer job. Here's a hint on how to be the favorite new employee in no time!

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