Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Video Daily Double about People You Don't Want to Be!

 Welcome back, Educationeers! Don't mind last week's post; the Cap'n was just having a little chat with your parents. But we weren't talking about you. No worries. Today's Video Daily Double gets you right back on track as we continue to look at life in school. By now you've had some time to settle in and get some bearings on the social situation, and you're looking to make some inroads towards the "cool" crowd. Well, drinking is a good start.

 Wait, I said it wasn't? When?

 Three weeks ago, you say? Nah, doesn't sound like me.

 Anyway, here are two types of people you DON'T want to be if you value your reputation in school at all.

 Our first film, Shy Guy, will show you why it's a horrible idea to be shy. Other than the fact that people will forget you exist and never talk to you and girls you eventually meet and have a crush on will see you as "just a friend" leading to internal torment and lonely nights.

 Our second film, The Outsider, may seem appealing as being part of a "rebellious" group in your school, but we all know those losers are just jealous they weren't invited to the good clique, so they started some lame-o loser group.

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