Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mind Your Video Daily Double, Or Else!

 Oh, my Educationeers... how you have strayed from the pack. I'm very disappointed in your inability to snap into line with the social programming on display in the Video Daily Double. I'm trying to help you conform to the pack so as not to be ostracized and left behind from all the hip and cool things you could experience otherwise.

 Today I've selected two very special films to help curb your antisocial behavior. Pay close attention, or you'll end up like Barbara at the beginning of the second film...



Our first film, Snap Out of It, teaches us not to express emotions. Emotional balance, after all, means that being upset by not meeting lofty standards is undesirable. Settle your expectations to "acceptable" or "mediocre" so as not to upset the status quo? Well, maybe just expect that others think you're a loser and will reflect that accordingly through your work.

 Our second film, Habit Patterns, teaches us that if we deviate from socially acceptable behavior (including, I kid you not, the phrases "programmed" and "doesn't even need to think"), you'll be shunned from society. No, really. Take that, non-conformists.

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