Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Beer and Sandwiches and... Gas? A Very Special Video Daily Double

 Hello again, my devoted Educationeers! I'm sorry that the Cap'n lost his temper last week - sometimes I get so wrapped up in making sure you're prepared for the future that I lose sight of how young and manipulable impressionable you are. Let me make it up to you with a kinder, gentler, more confusing Video Daily Double. It's delectable and educational!

 Follow me to education!


 Our first film, Let's Make a Sandwich, is about eating, but more importantly about what makes that possible. Hint: it's not what you would assume it is.

 Our second film, As We Like It, is for when you're a little older. Specifically the age that your state, territory, or holler allows you to imbibe alcohol. Until then, there's only one film this week. Definitely do not watch this if you are too young.

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