Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Obey Your Video Daily Double! OBEY!!!!!

 Oh, my Educationeers, how I try to do right by you. But you continue to involve yourselves in shenanigans and tomfoolery, so I'm just going to put two films up today that you must follow. No options - they are about following the rules and you must follow them, or usher yourself into a life of menial labor behind a counter. Probably a gas station, which means one of those plexi-glass walls that someone could conceivably pass gas into, leaving you trapped with unpleasant smells.

 That's what your looking at, hooligans in training. I'm just saying...


 Our first film, School Rules: How They Help Us, is pretty self explanatory. Do yourself a favor and obey them.

 Our second film, Maintaining Classroom Discipline, is for those slacker teachers out there. Force your slacker students to Obey! OBEY!!!!

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