Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Good Shopping During Wartime in the Video Daily Double!

 Good day to you all, Educationeers! I hope you had a great three day weekend, but just because some of you have Spring Break doesn't mean there isn't still a LOT left to learn. Clearly Cap'n Howdy can't just let your brains rot and atrophy, so pay close attention to the Video Daily Double today! We're going to learn how to make healthy shopping decisions and plan ahead for parenting during those tough times. Like ones with nuclear bombs.

 Learn on!


 Our first film, Buying Food, should help you avoid spending all of your health buying candy and McDonald's. Don't be fooled, spending more for food that goes bad quickly is vastly preferable to cheaper food that lasts... well, an unnaturally long time.

 Our second film, As the Twig is Bent, is about proper parenting during wartime. Specifically World War II time, but I'm sure you'll learn something that will made you ready for WWIII.

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