Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Today's Video Daily Double has a Brush with Fame!

 Good day to you all, Educationeers! Your partner in crimeducation, Cap'n Howdy, is back with another fantastic Video Daily Double! Today we're going to look at two short films produced in the 1950s from directors who went on to make feature films that your parents and older siblings have heard of. But not you - you're too young.

 The point is that even people who make these so-called "boring" and "dated" pieces of "propaganda" can go on to be famous and join The Criterion Collection. And what have YOU done, slackers?

 Watch and Be Inspired!


 Our first film, Modern Football, is about how to be the best football player you can be. It was also one of the first directorial jobs for Robert Altman, who you might know as the director of Popeye. When you're older, you'll know more about his body of work.

 Our second film, Innocent Party, is for your older siblings, who should keep it in their pants. It comes from the Centron Corporation, a maker of educational films that included jack of all trades Herk Harvey, who also made a little movie they've heard of called Carnival of Souls.

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