Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gobble Gobble with the Video Daily Double!

 Greetings, Education-Pioneers! Cap'n Howdy back with a very special Video Daily Double just in time for Thanksgiving! That's right, it's tomorrow, and while you're away from school getting ready for all of your extended family to come over and take up the TV space, here are some educational films from days gone by to help you adjust. After all, coming in and taking over people's space is what Thanksgiving is really about!

 Watch these films and be thankful!


 Our first film, A Day of Thanksgiving, should help you reflect on what you're thankful for tomorrow. Let's hope you're not thankful for brazen shopping madness.

Our second film, Dining Together, will help you learn how to eat your Thanksgiving dinner without being a slob or drunkenly ruining everything. And I know you would drunkenly ruin things if left to your own devices, Educationeers!

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