Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Democratic Process is Hard at Work with Today's Video Daily Double!

 Greetings, Vote-u-cationeers! Well, the Cap'n understands that you're a little young to be voting, or to possibly even understand what happened yesterday. That's okay, because today's Video Daily Double is here to help out provide some clarity on how the electoral process works so that you can feel caught up with your parents and older brothers and sisters!

 Watch and learn!


 Our first film, Behind the Freedom Curtain, might have another agenda, but don't let selling voting machinery dissuade you from learning how this particular voting machinery makes the process smoother. Clearly it does!

 Our second film, Democracy, should help explain how our system of governance works, and why voting is helpful. Just not as helpful as voting machinery. Wow that's some fancy machinery!

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