Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Video Daily Double Returns!

Greetings, hu-mans! The Cap'n returns with another video daily double in lieu of substantive commentary. Or maybe just to give you some more time to stew over the Harry Potter review. I'm actually quite fond of these video posts; not because it means I write less (or I'd do a lot more of them), but things tend to get scattered about on the internet and when I can condense many sources into one blogorium entry, it does all of us good.


To start with, I'm digging on this trailer for House of the Wolf Man, which has just about everything looking period. Except for one or two of the actors. I'm not quite sure if it's just a change in acting style or if some folks just can't pull off the look, but otherwise this movie looks like it could be quite fun.


Quentin Tarantino checks in with his "Top 8 Films of 2009", which regrettably does not include Moon. Can somebody clear this up for me? Is Moon actually a terrible movie and I just didn't catch something? Or did it just disappear in a tidal wave of other movies? Admittedly, it didn't play here for very long, but Greensboro is hardly representative of Critically active film cities.

Anywho, the list:


Because the Cap'n is such a nice guy, I'll give you two extras.

The first is a much less impressive trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine, a trailer I desperately wanted to share with you good folks earlier this year. This still gives you the broad strokes of the plot (about a hot tub time machine), but is lacking the filthy language and bitterly sarcastic edge its now-lost Red Band equivalent had. Ah well, c'est la vie.

See, it looks pretty bad. But wait! Look what I found:

A little better, right? Fine. It's the kind of movie I'll be watching by myself because none of you will be caught dead paying for it. That's how it's gonna be, I can see it coming already.


And this... well, I just don't know what to say:

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