Saturday, October 29, 2011

Horror Fest 6 Day One: Piranha (2010)

 Alexandre Aja promised boobs and gore early on when discussing his remake of Piranha, and he delivered. There's a certain pleasure derived from seeing a movie with someone who hasn't seen it before, and Piranha is so shameless in its false tension and pure exploitation punctuated with extreme gore that you can't help but laugh. It's the kind of movie that you know immediately what's going to happen, but instead of being disappointed that it does, it delights you by being more depraved in its execution.

 This is a film, after all, that includes a nude underwater ballet sequence AND a Grand Guignol bloodbath set piece where a wet t-shirt contest turns into an unmitigated blood bath. Where Jerry O'Connell's quasi-Joe Frances gets his johnson chopped off, swallowed, and spit back out at the camera. Where Richard Dreyfus cameos as Quint from Jaws and is killed by piranha. Where Christopher Lloyd provides exposition. A film with no less than four porn stars in the cast. If you're expecting more than what you get in Piranha, your expectations are astronomic.

 I find that the film loses none of its charm or watchability on repeat viewings - it was just as enjoyable tonight as it was six months ago as it was when I saw it in 3-D in the theatre. It's nice to know that a filmmaker can toy with you without insulting your intelligence, and entertain and exploit at the same time.

 Okay kiddos, it's time for bed. Nap'n Howdy isn't the young buck he used to be, and bed means more these days than it did during Horror Fest 1. I'll be back tomorrow with more reviews!

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