Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Goofus and Gallant of Video Daily Doubles!

 Good day, fellow citizens and educationeers! Today Cap'n Howdy is proud to bring a Video Daily Double of contrasts: one focused on the proud capitalist and the other peeling back the curtain on the dirty communist, the cockroach of the modern world. Yessir, I can't imagine why you'd choose the wrong one of these two, even if some Cranpires out there like to post about how amazing communes are with their Mexican beers and burning showers.

 Look, listen, and learn!!!!


 Our first film, From Dawn to Sunset, explains why working yourself to the point of exhaustion in rote, dehumanizing labor is the opposite of what that dirty rat Karl Marx says.

Our second film, Communist Society, is for you dirty hippies and your commune-ist lifestyle. For shame, I say, for shame!

p.s. if you don't know who Goofus and Gallant are, I suggest you Google it right now. Learn more!

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