Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Video Daily Double to Keep You Out of Trouble!!!

 Hello, all my brave Educationeers! I know that this is a big week what with the "Bat Man" movie coming out, which in my humble opinion you are probably too young to be watching but I'm not your parents. I am merely the proprietor of this Blogorium, and accordingly can only hope to steer you in the right direction with another Video Daily Double.

 Now since I know it's "cool" or "hip" and "with it" to emulate your comic book superheroes, and as it is still (hypothetically) impossible to actually become an "Iron Man" or a "God of Thunder" or a "Hulk" without wasting a lot of green paint, I suppose many of you are going to pretend to be the "Bat Man" and fight crime. But vigilantism is only going to get you in trouble with the police, and you don't have the benefit of being a millionaire playboy who can afford to trick them with your high tech gadgetry. Unless you are, in which case we are accepting donations here at the Blogorium. But anyway, let's make with the educating!

 Don't be a vigilante!


 Our first film, Fire and Police Service, should give you some idea of what the police and fire departments do, which is to say "things you do not need to be doing while wearing a mask."

 Our second film, Right or Wrong? - Making Moral Decisions, will help you with that nagging feeling that I'm just a sourpuss and a party pooper. These are important decisions, and becoming a vigilante is ALWAYS the wrong one. Always.

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