Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Some Real Fireworks for a Video Daily Double!

 So most people seem to be taking July 4th off, but Cap'n Howdy is here for all of my patriotic Educationeers! If I had to work this morning at my other job*, then there's no reason I should be slacking off when it comes to bringing the best Video Daily Double in edu-tainment to all of you at home out there! Today I was thinking of showing you some boring educational films from yesteryear about the Revolutionary War, but you've seen them all before, so let's check out some more vintage shorts about other things America can be proud of.



 Our first film, Flatboatmen of the Frontier, is definitely more exciting than it sounds. I wouldn't lie to you, would I?

 Our second film, History of Fire Power, comes from the "Big Picture" series and documents the history of our weaponry from cavemen to REAL ULTIMATE POWER (Ninjas). Okay, maybe not ninjas.

 * Hot Dog Eater - fourth place!

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