Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summertime Job Tips with the Video Daily Double!

 Good day to you all, my friendly Educationeers! As Cap'n Howdy promised, I'm keeping an eye out for you as you spend your summers wading in the waters of "gainful employment." Today's Video Daily Double (actually Triple!) brings you some great ideas on how to get a job, keep a job, and how not to make rash judgements about propaganda you might have heard. Let's learn so you can earn!

 The rhyme so nice I'm using it twice: Let's Learn So You Can Earn!


 Our first film, The Librarian, will help you learn why you always wanted to be a librarian. I know a few, and they're cool people. Actually, none of that is sarcastic, so you'll just need to come up with something sarcastic and pretend I wrote that instead.

 Our second film, Atomic Energy as a Force for Good, is dedicated to another friend who works in the NE industry and is doing his best to make sure it's a safe source for good. Also no sarcasm here, but any pro-nuclear film is going to generate its own unintentionally.

 Our third bonus film, How to Keep a Job, is probably going to be the most useful for you. Hint: don't pick your nose in front of customers. Or your boss.

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