Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Some Helpful Tips for a Summer of Video Daily Doubles!

 Greetings, Educationeers! Cap'n Howdy with another summer-filled edition of the Video Daily Double. As we all know, summer is past the halfway point, and those of you who aren't in one of those "year round" schools (yuck!) are stepping it up to make the most of what's left. Well, let's remember not to push it too hard, otherwise you won't be able to enjoy lounging around and making mischief!

 Be mindful in your slacking!


 Our first film, Let's Play Fair, will help you maximize your time with others and make sure they'll still want to play again tomorrow!

 Our second film, Sleep for Health, is for any of you trying to squeeze in as much fun as possible by not getting to bed. Now trust me, you'll have all of your teens and college years to do that, so make sure you're prepared for future sleepless nights.

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