Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blogging: a lack of actual writing ability?

Tonight's post is Seinfeld-ian, in that it's about nothing. You were warned.


Huzzah! What's better than bringing Steve Martin back for the Oscars? How about Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin in a duel to the comedic death, Thunderdome-style? But not comedic death in that "not funny" way that the Oscars tend to be. I liked Mr. Fruit Juicy's* hosting this year, even if some people pissed and moaned about the song-and-dancing. Not the Cap'n, mind you, but some people. They know who they are.


The Men Who Stare at Goats is coming out in two days. I didn't mention this in yesterday's Coen-centric post, but I do thank the brothers Coen for shifting George Clooney from merely socially conscious back to goofball. Coen-esque films from Clooney and Grant Heslov (who directed Goats) are, I feel, a byproduct of O Brother Where Art Thou, Intolerable Cruelty, and Burn After Reading. Since I happened to be one of the five people who liked Leatherheads, I strongly suspect The Men Who Stare at Goats is right up my alley.

Maybe Goats and A Serious Man would make a confounding double feature...


I promised to share some of the classes that the University of Chicago is offering this year (and hence, an indicator of what I could take down the line if I got in), so here's a list of the course titles, followed by a link to their descriptions:

Women Mystery Writers: From Page to Screen.
Neorealism: Space, Culture, History.
From La Dolce Vita to the Murder of Pasolini.
Cinema in Wartime Japan and its Territories
Japanese New Wave Cinema, 1955-1973
The East Asian Film Musical.
Seeing/Writing the Everyday in 20th-Century France.
Before and After Beckett: Theater and Film.
Seminar: Catharsis and other Aesthetic Responses.
History of International Cinema, Part I, Silent Era.
History of International Cinema, Part II, Sound Cinema to 1960

So yeah... sign me up. Right now. Please. The descriptions only make this more enticing, including classes with titles that sound run of the mill.

Alas, kiddos, that's all the Cap'n has. I've been writing all day, and periodically reading Harlan Ellison's Watching, but now it's time for bed. Ta-ta for now.

* that is not in any way a knock on Hugh Jackman, by the way. It's just a nickname I have for him because he seems like such a genuinely nice dude that he'd ask you to get a fruit juicy with him, which I guess would be like something you'd get at the Juice Shop or Orange Julius. Yeesh, I just make this crap up, people!

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