Sunday, November 1, 2009

Horror Fest IV Day Three: Night of the Lepus

Finally, a photographic essay of Night of the Lepus, a long standing Horror Fest favorite:

How could this little fella be the problem? He's just a bunny rabbit! Shame on you, Stuart Whitman!

Possibly Vampires. Or Sabre-Toothed Tigers. Definitely not rabbits.

I took this photo for two reasons: 1) DeForest Kelly's bitchin' moustache, and 2) the swirly tuft on wheelchair scientist's noggin.

We're not sure what it used to say, but now it's dynamite.

Freud would say it's like dropping a microphone into a mineshaft. Oh, that's what he's doing? Huh.

We close out night three with a few more pictures of everyone's favorite Re-Animator, Dr. Re-Animator!

That guy is totally the Eastern European Mark McGrath!

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ADNE said...

Horrorfest IV has totally Re-Animated My Feet! I totally want some more green color!