Monday, November 9, 2009

Now Craig, I know you don't go to Camp Crystal Lake...

Whilst looking at a calendar today, I realized that this week ends on a Friday the 13th. This is appropriate, as the one movie I wanted to watch for Horror Fest but didn't - Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter - fits quite well on the "day to movie hookup" board.

The Cap'n can't honestly say he's really interested in watching all 10 Friday the 13th movies on Friday or over the weekend, but I wouldn't mind throwing on two or three of my favorites if anybody is interested in rocking some Vorhees action. It is only fair that Jason get his due, since his dead hockey mask adorns the H-Fest poster:

So that thought is out there in the universe. I'm certainly open to the idea, or I wouldn't bring it up.

Speaking of "come along", I'm pretty damned well determined to watch The Men Who Stare at Goats this week, A Serious Man or no A Serious Man.

And since I (once again) brought up the Coens, albeit incidentally, do any of the regular readers who don't comment (or who I simply don't know who you are) know if the German Blu-Ray of The Man Who Wasn't There is worth picking up? I'm pretty sure none of the local Blogorium readers have a copy, but maybe some of you other folks who don't say much have.

If not, maybe you'd just like to say hey, because without being creepy, I do keep track of people visiting the site, and I don't know who some of you are. The Cap'n appreciates readers, and I'm glad you keep reading, but it wouldn't hurt to have some idea what it is you enjoy about the Blogorium...

Finally, a bit of trailer parody from Saturday Night Live. Since I've never seen Twilight, I guess I shouldn't find this funny (or at least accurate), but I do anyway. Eat it, fake vampires.

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