Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just the other day, I discovered that the iPod generation is finally working in unison with the cinephile generation. While I was reading a review of Wrong Turn 2 (out of curiosity), there was a tidbit in the extras about the director recording a commentary track that Fox left out. However, Dread Central made the commentary track available as an mp3 to anyone who wanted to download it. Slap it on your iPod, cue up the movie, and enjoy.

I must admit that I'm intrigued by this concept. It's not only one out there either: director Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs) has actually been recording mp3 commentary tracks with members of the cast and crews of Fright Night, Child's Play, and Nightwing. Since director Tom Holland wasn't asked to add his thoughts to the Child's Play 20th anniversary, Sullivan sat down with him and made another track for fans to listen to. Fright Night has two tracks, each with different participants, which is two more than the dvd has!

To be fair, this isn't exactly new: Kevin Smith had the botched iPod commentary for Clerks 2 that didn't come out in time to watch in theatres (but is on the dvd), and I suppose you could make the argument that Riff Tracks is essentially doing the same thing. I would argue that Riff Tracks (the Mike Nelson / Kevin Murphy / Bill Corbett MST3k spin-off) serves a different function since you're paying for an mp3 of people making fun of well known movies (like The Dark Knight, Star Wars, or Harry Potter).

Why I find this more interesting than the "record your own video commentary" that's on Warner Brothers Blu-Rays is that the portability factor isn't there. I have plenty of friends who have laptops or iPods that don't have fancy tvs or internet-linked Playstation 3's. While the downloadable commentary may not seem that practical in comparison to ones on the actual disc, it is an interesting way for directors, writers, actors, and effects crew members to subvert a cheap-o studio looking to pump out the disc quickly.

Let me know if you see any more of these floating around. This movement could be a fun way of bridging what the fans want and what the manufacturers deliver.


I don't actually have much to say about Chris Rock wanting to make another Pootie Tang film except YES.


Finally, since I was talking about Gremlins a few days ago, this amused the Cap'n:

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