Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thanks to everybody who keeps coming in and voting. In order to speed up the process, I think once we hit four of five votes (the max seems to be six), I'll go ahead and put up the next poll. This time wasn't even a question: Teeth chewed up Michael Myers and spit him back out. We'll see how it fares when voting gets really tough.

Look for the new poll to be up by midnight tonight. I'll be pitting two horror icons head to head again, and this time you decide who wins!


In case anyone missed it, Cranpire is offering an alternative to his Saw VI coup: Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant. Something tells me he has a problem with watching Zombieland again.

Not to jump on the Cranpire or anything, but wasn't much of our early moviegoing experience based on watching movies we enjoyed over and over again? Even theatrically, I'm pretty sure we went back to the well more than once. Personally speaking, I saw at least two movies last year more than once, and... uh, well one of them was The Dark Knight.

I suppose this is neither here nor there. Cranpire put his counter-proposal on the table, so I'm sharing it with you folks. The Vampire's Assistant does have John C. Reilly, but I'm still leaning towards Zombieland, despite so many people already having seen it.

Personally speaking, I'm surprised a sales pitch for Paranormal Activity hasn't made its way into the comments. To be honest, I'm sticking to my guns with Z-land, so if you want to have your own Horror Fest on Thursday, options are available.


alternate artwork for Ghoulface Killah:


Finally, I found this funny. I don't really know why, because it feels like something you'd see on Family Guy, but it works on some level.

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El Cranpiro said...

Here is my final argument for Saw VI. Having seen Z-land it has the feel of a summer fest field trip. Many times you(Josh) have said that Halloween fest is for more for serious actual horror flicks. Saw VI is that kind of movie. Zombieland is not. The defense rests