Saturday, October 17, 2009

Horror Fest IV: The Final Chapter (official announcement)

October 29th - November 1st

Join Cap'n Howdy and friends for four days of non-stop horror movie action! This will be my last October in Greensboro, so I'm looking to give folks the best Horror Fest ever!

On Thursday night, we'll take a Horror Fest Field Trip to Zombieland, followed by more movies afterwards.

Friday is Cap'n Howdy's picks, a collection of movies hand picked by yours truly.

Saturday is Fan Favorite Night: vote on which past Horror Fest movies you want to see again, then sit back and enjoy a night of the best the Fest has to offer.

Sunday is is anything goes night!

New Films for this year's Horror Fest include:

Join us for any and all nights of the festival. I guarantee you'll enjoy it!

Hobo Bug Juice and Tripwire will be served to anyone brave enough to try them.


El Cranpiro said...

What movie is the last poster for? It looks like super happy vampire hour

Cap'n Howdy said...

It's a nutty Japanese poster for An American Werewolf in London. I liked it so much that it had to go last.

critical tom said...


If we watch Let the Right One In, you may need to sedate me, else I'll start correcting the subtitles ad nauseum.