Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Now Hear This!

I have been instructed by Cranpire to let all of you know that instead of watching Zombieland with the Cap'n for Horror Fest, you should instead join him and watch Saw VI on Thursday night. I call this Bore-Or-Fest, but he's convinced that three of you will peel off from the main group and join him, even though I've repeatedly told him that most of you a) don't like the Saw movies, and b) haven't seen the first five of them.

So here's your forum:

- in the comments, Cranpire is welcome to make his case why Saw VI is a better choice than Zombieland.

- also in the comments, you are welcome to discuss this with Cranpire and come to your own conclusions.

The Cap'n has already made it clear that I will not be watching Saw VI, but as the instigator of this coup, Mr. Cranpire has the right to sway the rest of you if he so chooses.

edit: I'm throwing a SPOILER ALERT in on the Comments section. It's not a major plot point in Zombieland, but I wish I hadn't known about it, because I bet it's a great surprise if you haven't heard yet.


El Cranpiro said...

A compromise came to mind to me today. The Vampire's Assistant. Not that anyone will go see that but it looks fun. I am in no way saying that Saw VI is going to be better than than Zombieland. I loved Zombieland and it just reinforced my love for Jessie Eisenberg. I just want to see Saw VI that is my only justification for this coup

critical tom said...

Sorry, Cranpiro. The coup has not swayed me. My druthers would be Antichrist, but damned limited releasing has my nads in a bind. Zombieland will have to do, if for no other reason but for Patrick Sway-- I mean Bill Murray.